Rewards Program

Creation of a beautiful smile requires both a commitment from us and the cooperation of you, our fabulous patient. With that in mind, we are excited to share with you our Patient Rewards Program! Our program was created as a way to recognize all your hard work by awarding you with fantastic rewards as you progress along your orthodontic journey.

Keep a lookout for additional contest information at our office, on Facebook, and on our Instagram to earn even more points! The most up-to-date information will be posted here, so check back often!

How to Earn Points:
1 point 3 points 5 points
Having your teeth brushed and toothbrush in hand before you are called back Leaving a Facebook review (one time only) Referring a friend (They must bring in the “Share A Smile” card)
Being on time for appointments Leaving a Google review (one time only) Having a dental cleaning (must provide us with your Win/Win hygiene card; eligible every six months)
One point per A on your report card Community service or charity work event (eligible once every six months) Magnet spotted
Nothing loose or broken

Starting treatment the same day as your initial consultation

Winning an in-office contest
Scheduling your next appointment before leaving the office Returning your card at the end of treatment  
Wearing your AO shirt to appointments Wearing your AO shirt to our Patient Appreciation Day  
Coming in for your start appointment    
Bringing in a donation to Buckets of Love    

Program Rules:

  • Points are awarded at regular appointments only (not repair visits).
  • Your card must be present to redeem your points.
  • If you lose your rewards card, another one can be obtained by spending ten points.
  • While we try to ensure that every deserved point is handed out, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you get your points before you complete your appointment. Unfortunately, we cannot award points for previous appointments.
  • Community Service/Charity Work Event: Write down what you or your group did and show us a picture or newspaper article during your appointment.
  • The only way to get five points for your dental cleaning is if you provide us your signed Win/Win Hygiene Program card. If you don’t have your signed card to prove your dental cleaning, we cannot give any points.
  • To get points for referring a friend, please have her or him bring in the Share A Smile referral card to the initial consultation.
  • If you leave a Facebook or Google review, please provide the front desk with the patient’s name. If the name on Facebook/Google is different from the patient’s name, please provide us that name as well. 
  • Parents and children who are in treatment at the same time are able to pool their points together. 
  • Points/prizes are not redeemable for cash and are subject to change at any time.
  • The earning of reward points ends at the “Insert Retainer” appointment after comprehensive treatment has been completed. 
  • Your rewards points must be used within one month of the “Insert Retainer” appointment.


Current Prizes:
20 points 40 points 60 points 80 point 100 points 120 points
$5 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Bluetooth Speaker $25 Target Gift Card $50 Best Buy Gift Card $75 Game Stop Gift Card $100 Best Buy Gift Card
$5 McDonald’s Gift Card $15 Wawa Gift Card $25 Starbucks Gift Card Kindle Fire 7 $75 Target Gift Card $100 Amazon Gift Card
$5 Starbucks Gift Card $15 iTunes Gift Card $25 Panera Bread Gift Card $50 Fandango Gift Card FitBit Flex2 Roku Ultra Streaming Player
$5 Dairy Queen Gift Card $15 Amazon Gift Card $25 Grotto Gift Card $50 Walmart Gift Card