Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys: See some of our patients’ before and after photos the next time you visit our practice.

Uprighting constricted arches, level and alignment and space closure created this perfect smile!

Protrusion of the top teeth left this patient at risk of fracturing the front teeth. Braces allowed us to level/align and retract the front teeth to create the beautiful result.

The upper right canine was crowded outside of the arch and we can see a crossbite in the back as well as the upper right lateral incisor. It didn't take too long to put a permanent smile on this patient's face!

Crowded teeth have a mind of their own, that is until we work our magic on them. These pearly whites look amazing!

An underbite can wreak havoc on the enamel of the upper permanent teeth. The sooner we see a patient for this the better. Our goal is to always achieve the best results for our patients.

Did you know the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body? Take a look at its strength in this before photo. It's forcing the front teeth open making it difficult to bite into certain foods. We were able to resolve this issue with braces and by retraining the tongue.

Sometimes teeth come in wherever they want to, so it is our job to put them in their place. Beautiful results are our specialty!

Some people won't smile because they are unhappy with their teeth. This patient no longer has that concern. Look at this perfect outcome!

Thumb or Finger habits will cause constriction as well as an open bite. Eating and speaking can be challenging if the open bite is left untreated and the habit continues. Fortunately, we were able to work with this patient to achieve bite closure while waiting to move into full treatment.